Do You Need a Business Coach?

    Which one fits you?

    1. You have your team and you started your business, but now you are in over your head and you don’t know what to do to make the next step the right one.
    2. You started your business to live the entrepreneur’s dream of having more time to do more things and make a ton of money. But now you are spending all your time and more trying to make your business work. You know something is not right, but you can’t figure it out.
    3. You believe your product or service is the best thing and everyone needs it, but your sales are low and you just don’t know why.
    4. You have an idea and want to start a business, but you just don’t know how to make it happen.


    If you are in any one of the above situations or maybe in a similar one, you are in need of someone from the outside to look at your business and help you.

    What We Do

    Helping you understand how your business works and how to make it successful is what we do.

    We take a systematic approach to help you uncover the real issues that are likely the cause for your challenges. Often they are very different than what they appear to be.

    That is where asking the right questions comes in. By knowing the right questions to ask, we can discover what we need to work on to help you reach your success.

    Once we discover the issues, we then help you rework your business to help you keep things moving and be ready for the growth that you are looking for.

    Take Action

    Who Needs Us

    If your business is not running great, sales are below expectations, if you are stifled or stuck, or if you want to start a business and don’t know what to do, then you need us.

    What We Do for You

    Our purpose is to help business leaders get a unique and experienced view of how to help your business succeed. We ask the right questions and help you implement the right strategy and tactics to find success according to your goals.

    Free Session

    We want to make sure we are a great fit, so before we work together we should talk for a few minutes and get to know each other. Please schedule a free 30 minute session to interview us.


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    • L.D. Stauffer • Serial Entrepreneur

      They say if you walk into a room and you're the most successful person there, then you're in the wrong place. The problem with Rod is he's so smart he's always been the giant in the room. So instead of continuously looking for a different room, he's spent his time mentoring, teaching, and elevating those around him. I've been blessed to call him friend and mentor. Co-Founder of Activity Living. Founder of Blue International. Founder of Green House Properties. Now retired and traveling the world with wife and four children.

      L.D. Stauffer • Serial Entrepreneur
    • Camille S.

      Working with Rod was the best business decision I've ever made. He helped me get very clear on what I really wanted and how to get there. He gave me clear, actionable items to help propel my business forward in a big way. It was refreshing working with someone with such high integrity and business know-how.

      Camille S.
    • Eric Thayne • Owner, Celadora Studios

      Working with Rod is a joy. He is a deep thinker and has a positive energy that can help anyone feel confident about making their business a success.

      Eric Thayne • Owner, Celadora Studios
    • Terry G. – Saratoga Springs, UT

      Rod's experience, combined with his processes and format for figuring out what needs to be done, is eye opening. His ability to help individuals or organizations move in a more productive direction is where he shines.

      Terry G. – Saratoga Springs, UT
    • Mike Agrelius • Entrepreneur

      Rod asks the hard questions, the good questions. The questions that when they are asked you say, "These are the answers I was looking for right in front of me." He is a good guide and a valued friend. • Author, Game Inventor, Entrepreneur, and member of the 7X Mastermind Team

      Mike Agrelius • Entrepreneur
    • Todd Strand • Networking Executive & Serial Entrepreneur

      I have worked with Rod McKenzie, Jr. on a myriad of business projects over the past 19 years. Mr. McKenzie has consistently displayed a rare set of creative, organizational, and operational skills. He's a self-starter who needs little to no direction and he has demonstrated that he's willing to do whatever it takes to deliver for the team or a project. His vast experience and creative spirit make him an incredible contribution to any team, not to mention he's one of the most humble and nicest guys you are ever going to have the pleasure to work with in business.

      Todd Strand • Networking Executive & Serial Entrepreneur
    • Ryan Houmand • Author and People Developer

      Rod brings years of experience in marketing, sales, and a talent for strategy to the table - whatever table you happen to find yourself. His book, "Are You Ready to Start a Business?" is where any aspiring entrepreneur should begin.

      Ryan Houmand • Author and People Developer
    • Jason Woodland

      Rod is always a pleasure to work with. He has an extensive background in business as well as purpose driven projects and always has great insight to share. He asks the tough questions to help you think about your current position and about where you need to go.

      Jason Woodland
    • Tanner Ravsten • CEO/Owner of Luxe Cars and Imports, LLC

      Rod mentored me as I started one of my businesses and helped my colleagues discover our purpose. His training and time have helped me

      Tanner Ravsten • CEO/Owner of Luxe Cars and Imports, LLC
    • Joseph D. Kepo’o, Chiropractic Physician

      Rod is a confidence booster. He has the keen ability to make you feel confident in your abilities and skills. He is a person of love and passion and helps you want to be a person of the same. He has the ability to help you see out of the box solutions to your problems and concerns. I have worked with many mentors and motivational speakers, and working with him helped me gain a perspective on my life's work that I had never seen before with the previous people I have worked with.

      Joseph D. Kepo’o, Chiropractic Physician


    Purpose First was founded by Rod McKenzie, Jr. Since 1994, Rod has helped tens of thousands of people start and grow businesses. Rod has created hundreds of products, sold over 72 million units, and influenced the sales of billions of dollars’ worth of other products.


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